Luxury apartments in Ghana

Prices and locations: luxury apartments in Ghana

Some people like low key lives and others like to live luxurious lives. It’s all about making choices. Apart from some of the luxurious things such as cars and weddings in this world, there are luxury apartments. There are many luxury apartments in Ghana whatever your preference. This article would talk about the prices and locations of luxury apartments in Ghana. 

How much does rent cost in Ghana?

Just as all the human fingers are not equal, the cost of rent in Ghana is not the same. It has not been the same depending on the kind of buildings you want to live in and where the apartment is located. A rough estimate can be made from GH¢376.04 ($50) to say GH¢32,780.12 ($5000). 

Proces and locations of Luxury apartments in Ghana

What are ultra-luxury apartments?

Luxury apartments in Ghana

Ultra-luxury apartments are apartments that have a large portion for parking, flooring, and designer fittings. Moreover, such apartments have advanced security systems and exorbitant interior decor. 

Is it worth buying a luxury apartment?

Everyone has a choice. Someone may not see the need, but another person may see the urgent need in having one for himself or herself because that is what gives him or her high satisfaction. As long as you do not mind paying for expenses of extra amenities that you are going to use, why not? That would be the best decision ever. You are assured of the best security system, spacious apartment and finding yourself living in a fantastic location.

Accra luxury apartments price list and location


Luxury apartments in Ghana, specifically in Accra are of great number. Let’s look at just 10 of them in the table below with their prices and locations.

Apartments Prices Locations


¢529,103.55 ($69,950) Tetteh 


The Lennox ¢604,743.80 ($79,950) Airport 


The Havens


¢264,740.88 ($35,000) Danfa


¢3,971,113 ($500,000) Airport


      The Essence         ¢1,332,421 ($177,065.91) Airport


Solaris ¢971,409.4 ($128,490.94) Osu
Hazel Court ¢733,340 ($97,000) Kuntunse


¢536,775.29 ($71,000) Kuntunse


¢1,890,054 ($250,000)                 Kwabenya
1 bedroom mini flat ¢2,220,000 ($293,645) Airport

Accra luxury apartments price East Legon

Below are 5 luxury apartments located in East Legon with their respective prices.

Apartments Prices
1998 ¢1,981,774.55 ($262,000)
The Barton ¢1,327,047.67 ($175,442).
Adams Grey ¢1,777,545.88 ($235,000)
Kai Villa ¢2,024,225.00


The Ivy ¢27,109.63



Accra luxury apartments price Cantonments

Accra luxury apartments are beautifully designed and some can be found in Cantonments. Below are just 5 of them.

Apartments Prices
Embassy Gardens ¢674,597.78 ($88,950)
233 Boulevard ¢519,082


The Pavillion ¢1,875,300.00


2 Bedroom Duplex ¢2,400,000


Broll Residential  ¢1,949,700



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