Luxury furnished apartments for rent in Accra

Suitable luxury furnished apartments for rent in Accra as newlyweds

While the newness of a marriage can be as blissful as the caress of cotton sheets, the thought of living arrangements, its costs and stress can inspire a headache.  Most couples who are looking to start a life together in a new home, begin their search for luxury furnished apartments for rent in Accra or a city/town of their choosing, long before its time for the big move. The plan is to waltz into your beautiful house/apartment with as much joy and excitement as possible, to start a beautiful new life. 


All you need to know about furnished apartments for rent in Accra

Luxury furnished apartments for rent

Furnished apartments are equipped to suit your everyday needs and therefore aimed at helping you avoid the stress of designing and purchasing household items, appliances and others. It’s sometimes difficult to find an apartment that is specially designed and furnished to your taste, so you can make adjustments to the areas that need adjusting once you are able to work out an agreement with the property owner.


Despite all the obvious benefits of acquiring a luxury furnished apartment for rent in Accra or elsewhere, there are always some negatives to keep your eyes on, while you shop. At the end of this article, you’ll know everything tenants need to consider before signing a lease for a furnished apartment.


If you’re a first-time tenant or a newlywed couple moving into your first apartment, there are so many questions you want to ask and so much you want to keep under microscopic inspection. Never forget nor fail to ask old tenants about water flow, flooding and how rain and other seasons affect daily lives in the neighbourhood, shared expenses like water and electricity bills, safety and security from burglars and accidents, cleaning, and access to transportation.


Do furnished apartments include a fridge?

luxury furnished apartments in Accra

While you’re shopping for luxury furnished apartments for rent in Accra, be sure to look for offers that come with domestic amenities that suit your everyday life like a fridge, microwave and any other regular kitchenware. Though some may come with these products, the prices may be relatively higher than apartments that don’t come with such an offer.

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Advantages / Pros

Thinking about luxury furnished apartments for rent in Accra and elsewhere? Here’s why you should go for it:


  1. Easy to move in and out of


It is almost stress-free to move into an already furnished apartment in Accra because it spares you the commitment, sweat and pain of design and purchase. Also, changing locations to a different apartment is easier since there is less stuff to move or travel with.


  1. Short-term stay 


Most luxury furnished apartments are designed in the favor of tenants who are only looking to stay for a short period of time while attending to business deals or a newlywed couple, waiting for the finishing of their own home.


  1. Saves money and time


Not having to deal with the trouble of choosing, designing and installing interior decor saves money and even may in some instances, spare you the frustrations of dealing with artisans who overcharge fees, overprice items and may leave you stranded or with work that is unsatisfying 



Disadvantages / Cons

Luxury furnished apartments despite their convenience, may still come with a few noteworthy disadvantages/cons:


  1. Costly rent


Understandably, fully furnished apartments with all the appropriate facilities in place cost so much more than unfurnished apartments in rent. It is therefore absolutely best to keep in mind and on a budget that luxury furnished apartments for rent, are not cheap anywhere.


  1. Damages and accidents fees


While living in and when moving into a fully furnished apartment for rent, it is extremely important to be mindful and avoid accidents and activities that may impair the value and usefulness of the facilities at your disposal. Accidents that may occur during your stay and any damages, will incur fixing fees that can not be ignored.


Homeowners may or may not mention this clause in a tenancy agreement but it is critical to find out what the fee is for damages and accidents, as well as helpful and acceptable alternatives.


  1. Quality 


A real downside of already furnished apartments for rent is that materials used in designing and furnishing the floors, beds, kitchen and even bathrooms may not be up to your standard. It is however never entirely out of the question to request to be allowed to make temporary changes and adjustments to suit your convenience. At the end of your rental period, you will be required to undo changes and return the property as you found it.


  1. State of amenities 


With a growing number of tenants constantly moving in and out of furnished apartments within short periods of time, homeowners aren’t always able to and sometimes even overlook the need to uninstall, fix or remodel broken toilet facilities, open and unsafe electrical wiring, cracked walls and pillars among others. This can be most discouraging even in instances where everything else is perfect, causing you to not enjoy your stay.

Monthly payment apartments in Accra

Yes, you read right. There are apartments fully furnished and otherwise, to be rented on a monthly basis. For instance, if you’re looking for a luxury furnished apartment to rent for holidays such as Christmas, Easter and other festivals like Odwira, Chale Wote and others, you may need an easy-to-move-into already furnished apartment. As such, the real estate industry is ready and prepared for such patronage and finding the right fit for you, is only a click away. 


You may find suitable monthly payment apartments for rent in Accra, from Oyibi through East Legon, Airport residential, Achimota, Amasaman and others, ranging from as much as 400.00 cedis to 3,000.00 cedis.

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Fully furnished apartments for rent in East Legon


East Legon is located in the Accra metropolitan district and neighbored by the University of Ghana campus, Spintex, Madina and the Trasacco estates.


One of the first things to consider when looking to rent an apartment anywhere in your budget. Once you know how much you’re willing to spend on a luxury furnished apartment for rent, you should get in touch with houses for sale and look at some of the best offers they have for rent that suits you.


East Legon offers trusted security to residents within the area, being served by both the East Legon Police Station and the University of Ghana Police Station. It is a safe neighbourhood to live in, with rental offers ranging between 800.00 cedis and 30,000.00 cedis monthly. 


The Accra airport area is an eleven-minute drive from the Kotoka international airport and only 38 minutes away from Tema Harbour. It is absolutely one of the best places to lodge, have fun and experience the beauty of art.

Short stay furnished apartments


With the wave of cultural and art festivals, came a need for accommodation for travellers from far and near. Each year, many are caught stranded, who have not prepared in advance a place to stay for the short period of the holidays or festival period while they experience exciting moments with loved ones and forge new ties. 

Some of these apartments are listed to receive only adults and no children, making such packages ideal when you’re shopping for suitable luxury furnished apartments for rent in Accra as newlyweds.


Houses for sale in Ghana, have ready-to-go offers for you, only a few steps away. Some of these offers come with facilities such as a swimming pool, fully fitted kitchen, lounge, gym and other relaxation amenities and without the stress of dealing with difficult landlords on a daily basis. 


Offers range from 120.00 cedis nightly to 25,000.00 cedis per calendar month in places like Osu, Spintex, Kweiman, Adenta, Tema and other areas in Accra.

Furnished apartment for rent in Accra Airport


With thousands of ready-to-use luxury apartments for rent in Accra, the Accra airport residential area hosts over 600 of them. Located to the northeast of Accra central and surrounded by neighbours like the 37 military hospitals, Accra mall and Kotoka international airport, the Airport residential area is mostly inhabited by Ghanaians of influence.


This costs as much as 23,000.00 cedis a month in rent. The average price for luxury furnished apartments for rent in the airport residential area is 4,760.00 cedis.


Although housing in this area is mostly old apartment blocks from as far back as the colonial era, there have over the years been renovations and remodelling to keep up with modern tastes and demands. Developers have not shied away from erecting completely new projects to keep up with the fast pace of the global real estate market and local demands.


One of many good reasons to choose the airport residential area is access to good roads, lined with trees that create a cool breeze, relieving residents of some of the heat in Accra. It is a tranquil and beautiful environment. It is also easy to access excellent healthcare as centres like the Airport women’s hospital, Nyaho clinic and others, cater to the needs of residents and others.


 Airport residential

1 bedroom furnished apartment for rent in Accra


One bedroom furnished apartments may have such features as a hot tub, private parking space, air conditioning and access to a swimming pool for as much as 7,000.00 or 1,000.00 cedis a month in some areas in Accra while others come without basic amenities such as private bathroom and a place of convenience. Areas with affordable rent prices may include Kaneshie, Bubiashie, Mataheko, Chorkor, Kwabenya, Achimota, Oyarifa and others.


Where to live in Accra


Over the past decades since independence, Accra has seen migration from rural areas all over the country and non-Ghanaians from around the globe, forcing it to expand its residential resources in many areas, offering comfort, shelter, security and luxury to all.

luxury furnished apartments in Accra    Luxury furnished apartments in Accra    Luxury furnished apartments in Accra

   Osu                                                                              Labone                                                              Dansoman


Ranging from rich Ghanaians, foreign businessmen and women to the average Ghanaian, some of the most favourable areas to live in Accra include East Legon, Airport City, Adenta, Kanda, Asylum Down, Dansoman, Labone, La, Osu, West Legon etc. 


Generally, finding and arranging suitable accommodation in a city as bustling and heavily populated as Accra is never an exercise without stress. Whether one is looking for luxury furnished apartments for rent in Accra or unfurnished accommodation elsewhere, look no further than houses for sale in Ghana to get you the best deals from trusted developers in Ghana.  


May 10, 2022
Prices and locations: luxury apartments in Ghana
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